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Umbrella Company

Choosing an umbrella company through which to payroll your contract income is as important as finding the right contract. We have chosen an associate company that we feel offers you everything that you need. The umbrella company is a fully compliant solution which has been approved by the HM Revenue and Customs and is an expensed umbrella company allowing you to offset your business expenses against your income.

What expenses can be claimed?

  • Mileage, public transport costs and any parking, congestion or toll road charges
  • Business calls from your home or mobile
  • Accommodation and subsistence cost or Subsistence allowances while working away


The other benefits:

  • Immediate set up with no set up of closure fees
  • Unlimited support and immediate response times
  • You only pay our fees when you work
  • No administrative burden
  • Childcare voucher scheme – Up to £243 tax free per month
  • Immediate processing of all received income
  • No additional fees even if you change your contract or agency


Comprehensive insurance package:

  • £1 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • £1 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • £10 Million Employers Liability Insurance


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